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A Special Memorial


Our father, mentor, teacher, confidant, and FRIEND: 
Rev. Norman Mohn Sr. 
Born September 8, 1915 - Borne to the kingdom of God February 22, 1996 


When I was just a little girl, you held me on your knee, 
And talked about your heavenly home, so real I could almost see 
Those streets of gold, the Father's house, 
That clear and crystal stream, 
The angels gathered 'round the throne, it seemd just like a dream. 

Then I was grown and gone from home, I missed you oh so much, 
When times were hard and I was down, I hungered for your touch; 
I thought you'd always be around, but then the sickness came, 
And one sad day the angels came and called you by your name. 

Then you were carried away on angels wings 
To behold the Father's face, 
And now you sing in the heavenly choir 
of God's amazing grace. 
Though I can't see your smile today 
Yet still my heart can sing, 
And some day soon we'll be rejoined 
When I'm carried away on angels' wings. 

Since you've been gone my world has changed, oh how I loved you so, 
The pain I feel within my heart, the Savior only knows; 
You told me of His precious love, His pain on Calvary, 
I'm looking forward to the day when heaven I shall see. 

And I'll be carried away on angels wings, 
To behold our Father's face, 
I'll join you in that heavenly choir 
And sing, "Amazing Grace!" 
And on that day I'll see your smile 
Oh how my heart will sing, 
We'll have a grand reunion there 
When I'm carried away on angels wings! 

Written by Jo Ann on October 8, 1996. In memory of my beloved daddy.
"Daddy, you are still loved and greatly missed." 


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