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Ideas for Memorializing your Baby


Some suggested ways of keeping your babies' memories alive and making their short time have meaning: 

  • Plant a tree in your yard or perhaps in your church yard. 
  • Donate Bibles through your local Gideon ministry. 
  • Give to a ministry that helps children, such as FEED THE CHILDREN. 
  • Purchase a rocker for your church nursery or a local nursing home. You could have a brass plate engraved with your babies name/s and mount it to the rocker in their memory. 
  • Give to a local ministry in your church or community. 
  • Make a donation to an area Children's Hospital or Neonatal Center. 
  • Give to a ministry that has helped you. 
  • If your loss was due to a chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc., make a donation to that foundation. 
  • Volunteer to work in your church nursery, a local preschool or a shelter for abused children. Many good organizations could use some extra help. 
  • Name your baby/babies and create your own certificate of their existence. Then frame it to hang in your home as a reminder to you and to any brothers and sisters your baby may have. 
  • Purchase special Christmas ornaments each year in their memory. I put up two trees at Christmas. One traditional one in the living room and an angel tree in the den in my babies memory. I already have hundreds of angel ornaments and plan to get more. 

You will have ideas and ways of your own that you wish to remember you baby by. My husband and I have planted a memory garden in our yard for our son and daughter, my daddy, and his mom and dad. 

My prayers go with each of you until that blessed day when we'll have a grand reunion with all of our loved ones! 

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