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A Miscarriage and Child Loss Ministry


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     A ministry to the many hundreds of women who have experienced the pain and trauma of a miscarriage, stillborn or neonatal death. You may have experienced this tragedy yourself. If so, I pray God will use my testimony to minister to you. It's discouraging that our friends and church family don't know how to react or treat us when they find out we've had such a loss. For you who have experienced a miscarriage, because we have no body to bury, no one brings food, sends cards or gives words of comfort.

     People act as if it weren't really a baby. Rather than keeping quiet and giving hugs and comfort, they usually respond in ways that hurt us even more deeply. Things like, 'Well, at least you lost it before you got to hold it or get attached to it!', or 'It never was a real baby anyway. You're young, you can always have another one.' I'm sure you've heard these quotes and many others from well meaning people. I don't think people mean to be hurtful, they just don't know what to do."

     One of the goals of Operation Angel is to enlighten and inform friends and family on ways to minister to someone who has lost a baby, as well as help those of you who have experienced such a loss receive comfort and healing.



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I am working in conjunction with Angel Babies Forever Loved, Pain, Heartache, and Hope, and WeHope (We Help Other Parents Endure) to achieve a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Each state has someone who has written to their governor asking for a proclamation to recognize this day. Arkansas, the state that I live in (and I am the leader for) was the first state to issue this proclamation! Please visit the website to find out more information! Remembrance Day


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