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Mission Statement


Operation Angel began as a healing for my own emotions after the loss of my two babies and because no one ministered to my husband and me. In 37 years of fulltime ministry ourselves, no one ever helped us with our loss. I don't want you to have to experience that. I want to be here for you to cry with you, laugh with you and be a shoulder you can lean on. No one understands what it's like until they've been there. I've been there! I believe life begins at conception, therefore all these precious babies are with Jesus and we will see them again someday. This is of tremendous peace and comfort to me. I want others to find that same comfort and peace.

Operation Angel has four basic purposes:

To minister to hurting women.

To educate family members, pastors and social workers on how to help someone through this kind of loss.

Encourage women that once they receive healing, we have a responsibility to reach out to others.

Present Jesus Christ to those who are lost.

We never get over grief, we mature as we walk through it. It is a very emotionally and physically draining process. But we can come out on the other side and be stronger than before.

Some of you are probably like me, still hurting emotionally, no matter how long ago the loss took place. We get through it, be we never forget! Even my own precious sons, who are now grown and married, are a constant reminder that I have two more whom they nor we have ever seen.

My prayer is that in your church and community, someone will be willing to take a risk and allow God to use them to change lives. God bless you!

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