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Projects We are Working On


Operation Angel has two Memorial Projects that are ongoing that we would love for you to participate in.

  The first is a Memorial Quilt.

I have a dream for us to have a quilt much like the AIDS Quilt, only ours would be to remember all of the precious babies that are lost every year.  If you'd like to participate, here are the instructions:
    1.  The square should be 6", with a 1/4" border for piecing with other squares.
    2.  The fabric can be of your choice, but should be washable.
    3.  You may put what you choose on the square-something that reminds you of your baby.  This can be embroidered, cross-stitched, painted, an iron-on transfer, etc.
    4.  Be sure and put your baby(s) name and date of loss.
    5.  There is no time limit as this will be a constant project.  I hope we end up having to make several quilts.
    6.  The squares are to be sent to:
           Jo Ann Taylor
           74 CR 302
          Mountain Home, AR 72653-8332.

    I also have a dream that we can someday take this quilt(s) around the country so that every state can be reminded of the great losses and how deeply they affect us as mothers.  Also it will give you an opportunity to see your baby's square.  As soon as one quilt is finished, a picture will be posted on our website so that you can see it.


    The other project is a Memorial Recipe Book. 

This will not only be used as a fundraiser for Operation Angel, but for your projects as well.  Operation Angel will do all the work--type the recipes, have them printed, make the cover and bind the books.  Then they will be available for purchase.  To anyone who wants to fund a Memorial Project that you might be working on, you can purchase the finished books at wholesale from Operation Angel and re-sell them to fund your project.  We will keep this page updated so you will know when the books are ready for purchase.  Once they are, you will be able to order them from Operation Angel at the above mentioned address.

    When you send in your recipes, if you are outside the United States, please put both the metric measures and American measures.  Also, if you know approximately how many the recipe serves, please note that.  And don't forget to put your child's name and date of loss on the recipe so others can see who they are in memory of.  There is no limit to the number of recipes you can send.  In case of duplicates, the first one received will be used, but you will be given an opportunity to send in others.  If there is a special memory connected with the recipe, please note that.  I'm looking forward to receiving your recipes as quickly as possible so that we can get started on the finished book.  We may have to do several volumes and that would be great.

    Even though I don't know you, please let me offer my deepest sorrows on the loss of your baby(s).  I know that pain and I want to be here for you.  Please don't hesitate to contact me by email if I can help you in anyway.

Because of our precious babies,

Jo Ann, Founder
Operation Angel

For more information on how you can help support and promote the work we are endeavoring, contact me at


Email Me


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